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Air temperature and humidity measuring station

Air temperature and humidity measuring station

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Auxiliary station for air temperature and humidity measurement. Up to 2 temperature/humidity stations can be added to your Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 2 weather station or up to 8 temperature/humidity stations with a WeatherLink Live 6100EU console.


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Temperature and humidity sensor with radiation shield
Temperature and humidity sensor with radiation shield
x 1
Radio transmitter for Vantage Pro 2
Radio transmitter for Vantage Pro 2
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Station for measuring air temperature and humidity. The 6382OV T/H station is compatible with the Vantage pro 2 series weather stations using the 868.0 - 868.6 MHz frequency, the range is 300 meters at sight. You can use the 6382OV directly with a 6312EU LCD console, a 6316EU non-display Weather Envoy console, or a 6100EU WeatherLink Live connected console. The measuring station is powered solely by a lithium battery, with a battery life of approximately 1 year.  

The 6382OV measuring station is delivered with:

  • 6382OV radio station
  • 1 radiation shield
  • 1 temperature/humidity sensor
  • 1 fixing kit

You can also choose the optional WeatherLink interface that will allow you to store and study the data on a computer.

6332OV/6331EU manual (EN)

Manual in english

Download (1002.62KB)
plastiques ABS et ASA résistants aux UV
Temperature ; Humidity
Power supply
panneau solaire, accumulateur 10F, pile de secours
Power supply autonomy
8 mois sans ensoleillement, plus de 2 ans en fonction de l'ensoleillement
Operating temperature
-40 à 65°C
2 ans
Backup power supply
pile Lithium 3V CR123 (non fournie)
Radio frequency
868.0 - 868.6 MHz FHSS
Wireless range
300m à vue, 60 à 120m avec des obstacles
Units of measurement
°C, °F
Measuring range
-40° à +65° C
Units of measurement
% HR
Measuring range
1 à 100%
inf. à 0.25% par an