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Vantage Pro Vane Anemometer

Vantage Pro Vane Anemometer

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Anemometer - wind vane, compatible with Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 1 and 2 weather stations. Equipped with a 12 meter cable.


The Davis Instruments 6410 Vantage Pro2 Station Replacement Vane Anemometer provides wind speed and wind direction measurements. The anemometer is rugged and can withstand hurricane-force winds, but is also sensitive to very low wind speeds.

The anemometer has been tested in a wind tunnel and meets the limiting characteristics below. It recorded up to 282 km/h during Hurricane Andrew in 1992 before breaking.

A 12 m (40 ft) 4-conductor cable is supplied with the vane anemometer. If the length is not sufficient, the cable can be extended with 2.4 m, 12 m or 30 m cables. A more practical and easy to set up solution is to use the Anemometer Transmission Kit which allows the anemometer to be remotely located up to 300 m from other sensors.

The anemometer is supplied with a 30-50 mm diameter mast mounting base.

381 x 38 x 457 mm
1.332 kg
RJ11; Black wire: Pulses (wind speed); Red wire: Earth; Green wire: Potentiometer resistance (wind direction); Yellow wire: Power
12 m ; Max 240' (73 m). Maximum wind speed reading decreases as length of cable from Anemometer to ISS increases. At 140' (42 m), maximum speed is 135 mph (60 m/s). At 240', the maximum is 100 mph.
±2 mph (2 kts, 3 km/h, 1 m/s) or ±5%, whichever is greater
Measuring range
1 to 322 km/h
Measurement principle
Solid state magnetic sensor
Wind direction
Measurement principle
Wind vane and potentiometer

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