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Secure payment

Your purchases with complete peace of mind thanks to Société Générale's secure SOGENACTIF payment system.

Météo Shopping has chosen the Société Générale e-transactions payment method which uses the SSL protocol, recognised worldwide for the protection of data transmitted on the Internet.

The payment process by credit card is carried out in several stages: after having filled your basket, you have chosen the method of payment by credit card. You are then automatically redirected to a secure page on the Sogenactif site of the Société Générale.


To validate your payment, you must enter the following data: Card number, expiration date, visual cryptogram (the last 3 digits of the number on the back of your card). Your personal banking data is encrypted before being sent from your computer to the e-transactions payment server. No information is transmitted unencrypted over the Internet.

We have opted for the 3D Secure program in order to reinforce payment security and to fight against fraud and credit card theft. After entering your credit card information, a code will be sent to you by SMS or transmitted by phone. You will have to copy this code on the payment interface.

If you do not receive a code, perhaps your telephone number has not been registered with your bank. We invite you to contact your bank to give them your missing details. For more information on 3D Secure, click here.

The e-transactions server sends its authorization to Météo Shopping. In the case of a refusal on behalf of your bank, Météo Shopping does not have access to the confidential reason of the refusal of payment.

The exchanges between you and the Sogénactif server are encrypted and Météo Shopping has no access to your bank data.

Payment by cheque

You also have the possibility of paying your order by check. Make your cheque payable to JD ENVIRONNEMENT, and send it to this address, specifying the number of your order:

44C rue de Bray

Your order will be sent as soon as we receive your cheque.
Your cheque may take 2 to 5 working days to reach us by mail. We will only prepare and dispatch your order once we have received your payment.
Please take note of this information.

Payment by bank transfer

The information necessary to pay your order by bank transfer is given at the validation of your order.

Your order will be prepared and dispatched as soon as we receive the bank transfer.
Your transfer may take between 2 and 5 working days to reach us (bank transaction time may vary depending on the bank).

When making a transfer, please check the general conditions of your bank.
These may vary from one bank to another: time required for the transaction, possible fees, etc.
Your order will be shipped upon receipt of the amount corresponding to the exact amount of your order.
Météo Shopping does not charge any bank fees.

Once these verifications have been made, the transfer is a safe, reliable and easy method of payment.

To make a transfer from Switzerland or from a country outside the euro zone:

We accept ONLY SEPA transfers (The so-called SEPA transfer can be used for transactions denominated in euros, between two accounts held by financial institutions located in the European Economic Area + Switzerland).
Please note that any classic international transfer known as SWIFT (even in euros) or any transfer not denominated in euros incurs very high bank charges (exchange and repatriation costs) for both the sender (you) and the recipient (Météo Shopping).
We advise you to inform you near your banking establishment to ensure you that the transfer which you will carry out is well in euros and that no expenses will be invoiced to you without your knowledge.
Météo Shopping will not charge any fees.
We reserve the right to refuse a transfer that is not a SEPA transfer.