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In addition to supplying products for measurement instrumentation via its Météo-Shopping shop, the Météo Concept team also offers numerous online services for all your weather data needs, whether for land and sea forecasts, observation or climatology.

Our products concern you whether you are :

or if you wish to develop and offer your customers an innovative weather service.

In all cases, our team will accompany you in this service, from the expression of your needs to their realisation, including of course their development, thanks to our available and attentive IT service.


Meteodata is our weather data collection and visualisation platform at the heart of our online services. If you have a compatible weather station such as the Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 2 and it is ready to send its data online, for example using the WeatherLink Live console, then you can have a free account that allows you to access your data as well as hundreds of other stations that have been publicly uploaded by other volunteers. If you don't have a station but have data needs, you can take out a subscription, starting at €200/year.

The Meteodata platform also hosts many tools for different sectors of activity. If you are a farmer, you can program your degree-day sums to follow the progress of your crops thanks to the weather readings of your station or the nearest station. You can also benefit from our interconnections with the RimPRO® and Mileos® decision support tools, we take care of sending your weather data to these tools.

If you work in the construction or public works sector, you may be interested in our alert services to be warned in case of gale or to download weather bulletins established for the location of your site.

Finally, if you are an extraction quarry concerned by the legislation on dust fallout control, Météodata offers dedicated services, including in the same package the rental, installation and maintenance of your station in accordance with DREAL standards, as well as the management of your data. All you have to do is go to Météodata and, in three clicks, download the climate report and the automatically generated wind rose and send them to your research department. More information on the dedicated page.

Consumer services

From our public websites Météo Concept (for France) and Météo Bretagne (for Brittany in particular), we distribute numerous products and subscriptions for individuals and professionals:

  • forecast alerts to be warned by email or SMS of upcoming conditions: very useful if you are planning an outdoor event for example, or if you are a craftsman and wish to establish your planning for the coming days according to frost or rain;
  • Weather briefings: make an appointment and be called back at the agreed time for a meeting with a forecaster, so that you are not surprised by bad weather on the big day in front of your guests;
  • PDF forecasts: this service, specifically designed for campsites and establishments open to the public, allows you to receive weather forecasts by email every morning for display. Several formats are available: marine forecast, 5-day forecast and meteogram.

And of course, find on our sites all our free services and in particular our daily weather report for Brittany as well as our weather news in Brittany and in France.


Our API service available at https://api.meteo-concept.com allows you to programmatically access all our weather data: forecasts, observations, climatology, maps, UV indices and ephemeris. It can be easily and quickly integrated into any code base. If your station is integrated with Meteodata, our API service is a great way to feed your own site with its data.

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Contract development

Perhaps you have an innovative service to offer to your customers and you need specific data that is not available in the API. We are at your disposal to study your needs and to concretize your project, whether it is to send by FTP at regular intervals a weather data file formatted according to a precise need, or the realization of the weather page for your website.

Our past achievements include :