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If you are a professional, whether in agriculture, construction or a quarry operator concerned about dust fallout regulations, we have dedicated packages to meet the weather data needs of your business.

Rather than buying a weather station from our shop and managing the collection and use of your data, we offer a complete turnkey service with the following options:

  • advice on the location and study of your equipment needs;
  • the supply of the weather station, the power supply by solar panels and the adapted sensors, either for hire or for purchase;
  • on-site installation of the station, including, if you have requested it, the installation of a 10m mast to measure wind speed in accordance with World Meteorological Organisation standards;
  • management of the 3G/4G subscription required if the station does not have nearby Internet access;
  • annual maintenance, including examination and cleaning of the station and calibration of its sensors;
  • complete management of your data with a professional account on our Meteodata platform;
  • access to tools dedicated to your activity according to your sector (climate balance and wind rose for industrial sites, access to decision support tools for farmers, etc.);
  • dedicated technical support and assistance.

Supply of materials

We propose four formulas, from A to D in order from the most autonomous to the most complete:

  1. Purchase of the weather station
  2. Purchase of weather station + data management
  3. Purchase of weather station + data management + annual maintenance
  4. Rental of weather station + data management + annual maintenance

Formula B includes real-time remote data collection, storage and uploading of data to our Meteodata platform. The tools dedicated to your activity are included in your annual subscription. Depending on the location of your station, and the need to use a 3G/4G modem in particular, the purchase price may vary (hence the difference with package A).

Formula A includes the classic purchase of the station as well as advice on its installation and use by a Météo Concept technician. You manage the maintenance of the station yourself as well as the recovery and use of your data thanks to the software provided.

Formula C completes formula B with an annual on-site visit by a Météo Concept technician to clean the station, check its general condition, recalibrate the rain gauge and advise you on which sensors to replace.

In these three formulas, the purchase price may vary according to the equipment required. For example, if there is no nearby room for the reception console and data logger, a waterproof box with a solar panel and battery are required.

Finally, Formula D is the most turnkey service and offers you the most visibility on your costs. Rather than buying the weather station, you receive it and all the ancillary equipment on hire for the duration of the service contract, including free replacement of any faulty equipment.


The installation of the weather station by us on site is an independent service. Two types of installation can be carried out according to your needs:

  1. Installation of an unbraced mast at 2m;
  2. Installation of a guyed mast at 10m.

According to World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) standards, wind measurements are taken at a height of 10m. However, in many cases, especially for agricultural purposes, the measurement can be done at 2m height. In all cases, temperature, humidity and rainfall measurements are taken at a height of between 1.5m and 2m, and it is essential that the installation is carried out on land that is free of obstacles several metres away.

The price includes the material needed for the installation (mast, guy wires, fixings), labour and travel. Therefore, it depends on where the station is installed. We do not install at heights or on buildings, but only on the ground. Installations are carried out on a concrete base prepared by the customer three weeks in advance according to a plan provided by us.

Conditions and pricing

For more information on these services and a personalised quote, please contact us.