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WeatherLink Live connected console

WeatherLink Live connected console

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NEW: Connect your sensors to WeatherLink Wifi and then deploy your data on the WeatherLink Cloud accessible from the internet, your PC, smartphone, tablet! WeatherLink Live 6100 is the new connected reception console that allows you to easily broadcast and consult your weather data. 

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The latest addition to the Davis Instruments range, WeatherLink Live 6100 is the new connected receiver console that makes it easy to broadcast and view your weather data. 

A receiver console and data logger in one

WeatherLink Live combines the features of a WeatherLink IP receiver console and data logger. Although it does not have a display screen, WeatherLink Wifi incorporates significant additional features to a traditional console.

As with conventional consoles, it incorporates sensors for air pressure, temperature and humidity.

Unlike the WeatherLink IP datalogger, WeatherLink Wifi allows you to connect to the Internet via WIFI (Ethernet connection also possible) and to broadcast your data on the weatherlink.com cloud. Your data can be consulted in real time on your smartphones, tablets or PC thanks to the weatherlink.com website or the WeatherLink applications available on IOS and Android.

In addition, if you are connected from your smartphone or tablet on the same WIFI network, you can view your data refreshed every 2.5 seconds on the application

At the cutting edge of modern technology, WeatherLink Wifi communicates data to Amazon Alexa or Echo connected speakers. 

Connect up to 8 weather stations simultaneously

Another much anticipated new feature, WeatherLInk Wifi gives you the ability to receive data from up to 8 transmitters simultaneously (8 Vantage Pro 2 or Vantage Vue sensor suites or 8 transmitters with a choice of sensors, etc.). Whereas today it was only possible to remote the anemometer from the sensor suite, you can now remote all sensors independently of each other. With the 6332OV transmitter (e.g. remote anemometer) or the 6331OV transmitter (power supply version), you can multiply the number of measurement points up to 8. Note also that it is possible to transmit up to 8 agricultural auxiliary stations 6345OV. In any case, you can have a maximum of 8 measuring points. 

Available sensor suites: 

  • Vantage Vue 6357OV
  • Vantage Pro 2 6322OV
  • Vantage Pro 2 with active ventilation 6323OV
  • GroWeather 6820OV
  • GroWeather with active ventilation 6325OV
  • Vantage Pro 2 Plus 6327OV
  • Vantage Pro 2 Plus with active ventilation 6328OV

Radio transmitters :

  • Transmitter with solar power 6332OV (e.g. anemometer remote)
  • Transmitter with AC power supply 6331OV
  • Transmitter with agricultural auxillary station 6345OV

Sensors available for 6332OV or 6331OV transmitters:

  • Anemometer-Girouette 6410
  • Rain gauge 6463M or 6465M
  • UV Sensor 6490
  • Pyranometer 6450
  • Temperature and humidity sensor under shelter 6830 or under ventilated shelter 6832
  • Temperature sensor for measurement in air, water or soil: stainless steel sensor 6475 or plastic sensor 6477

Sensors available for 6345OV transmitter:

  • Temperature probe for measurement in air, water or soil 6470
  • Soil tensiometer probe (Watermark) 6440
  • 6440 Foliage Moisture Sensor

WeatherLink Cloud (weatherlink.com)

Access to real-time data does not require a subscription. Access to your archive of graphs and tables from weatherlink.com does require a Pro or Pro+ subscription. 

Basic subscription: 

  • Real-time data, daily extremes, daily, monthly and annual totals
  • Dashboard with gauges, graphs, wind rose
  • WeatherLink mobile application for Android and IOs.  
  • Data dissemination to third party sites or applications (via API) every 15 minutes
  • ATTENTION: archived tables and graphs not available with this offer.

Pro subscription : 

  • Same as Basic subscription
  • Archive table
  • Customisable charts
  • Archiving interval up to 5 minutes possible
  • Shared access to the archive with 6 other users
  • Access to the Mobilize application: OAD (Decision Support Tools) for agriculture: Irrigation, Frost, Plant growth)
  • Data dissemination to third party sites or applications (via API) every 5 minutes

Pro+ subscription: 

  • Same as Pro+ subscription
  • Archiving interval up to 1 minute possible
  • Archive access shared with 10 other users
  • Access to additional OADs on plant diseases and pest risks
  • Dissemination of data to third party sites or applications (via API) every 1 minute

A weather shopping service: MétéoData

In order to satisfy the demands of our private and professional customers, we have developed a complementary data consultation platform to weatherlink.com: MétéoData. It allows you to store your weather station archives in an unlimited way and to export them in spreadsheet format.

WeatherLink.com's Pro or Pro+ subscription is not necessary for archiving your data. However, in the event of an internet outage and the absence of data communication on weatherlink.com, we are only able to complete your archive for owners of Pro or Pro+ subscriptions.

Registration to our platform is free by default. A subscription is available for professionals to access decision support tools and customised reports. 

Package content 

  • WeatherLink Live console
  • USB adapter with 2 meter power cable
  • 1.5 meter Ethernet cable (optional use)
  • One user manual
  • Size: 33x16x8 cm
  • Weight: 0.689 kg

Manual 6100EU (EN)

Download (1.08MB)
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    Very simple and efficient commissioning. I'm very pleased. (Translated review)

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    Absolutely great device, too bad it doesn't take the events of the beginning of the year (Translated review)

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    Easy set up, transmission of data from my station to Weather link (Translated review)

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    Meets my needs (Translated review)

Plastique ABS robuste
Temperature ; Humidity ; Atmospheric pressure
Power supply
Adaptateur secteur, 5 VDC, 1000 mA
33x16x8 cm
0.689 kg
Power supply autonomy
piles : 5 jours
Operating temperature
-40° à +65°C
Current consumption
100 mA, pic à 700 mA
Backup power supply
4 piles AA (non incluses)
Radio frequency
868.0 - 868.6 MHz FHSS
Wireless range
jusqu'à 300 m, 60 à 120 mètres à travers les murs et obstacles
WIFI band
2,4 GHz 802.11b/g/n
Atmospheric pressure
Units of measurement
"Hg, mm, hPa, mb
0.001 "Hg, 0.1 mm, 0.1 hPa, 0.1mb
± 0,01 "Hg (± 0,3 mm Hg, ± 0,3 hPa / mb)
Measuring range
16,00 "à 32,50" Hg, 410 à 820 mm Hg, 540 à 1100 hPa ou mb
Measurement frequency
1 minute
Inside temperature
Units of measurement
°C, °F
Measuring range
0 à 60°C
Measurement frequency
1 minute
Indoor humidity
Units of measurement
% HR
Measuring range
1 à 100% HR
Measurement frequency
1 minute