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Temperature and humidity sensor with 24 hours ventilation shelter

Temperature and humidity sensor with 24 hours ventilation shelter

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Temperature and humidity sensor for Vantage Pro 2 weather station with a standard solar-powered, 24-hour active ventilation shelter. A 6332OV radio transmitter is required to link this sensor to a wireless Vantage Pro 2 weather station or a Node to link it to the Enviromonitor system.

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This temperature and humidity sensor is supplied with a 24-hour solar powered radiation shelter.

The fan constantly draws air into the shelter and allows you to obtain very accurate temperature measurements even during abrupt temperature changes such as dusk or dawn. The shelter protects the sensors from solar radiation and other sources of radiated or reflected heat.

This system is ideal for installations with large temperature swings and low wind speeds. If your installation is not located in a high temperature range or low wind environment, consider our 6830 non-ventilated Radiation Shield Temperature and Humidity Sensor.   This sensor comes with a 7.6 metre cable that allows you to connect it to a 6332OV transmitter/anemometer remote kit mounted separately from the sensor. The 6332OV remote kit is essential for transmitting your data to your receiver console. It can be placed within a 300m radius of your console in optimal conditions without obstacles (trees, walls, buildings, etc.), more generally within a 50 to 150m radius.

This dual temperature/humidity sensor can also be used with Enviromonitor connected weather stations on a Node. You will need the RJ11 adapter, part number 6860. 

Manual 6832 (FR)

Download (484.76KB)

Product sheet 6830-6832 (EN)

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Temperature ; Humidity
279 x 260 x 406 mm
3 kg
Operating temperature
-40°C à 65°C
Storage temperature
-40°C à 70°C
Units of measurement
°C, °F
Measuring range
-40°C à 65°C
Measurement principle
PN junction silicon diode
Units of measurement
% RH
Measuring range
1 à 100%
Measurement principle
Condensateur à film
±0,5% par an