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New Kit de mise à niveau Vantage Pro2 Plus

Kit de mise à niveau Vantage Pro2 Plus

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Upgrade kit for upgrading from a Vantage Pro2 to a Vantage Pro2 Plus. This kit contains the two solar probes (pyranometer and UV probe) and their mounting bracket.

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This upgrade kit for Vantage Pro2 Plus contains:

UV Sensor (6490)

Measures the sunburned portion of the UV spectrum. Allows you to display UV index, dose rate and accumulated daily dose.

Diffuser provides excellent cosine response.

Measures overall solar UV irradiance, which includes both directly emitted UV and scattered UV.

The transducer responds only to radiation in the region of interest and is stable in the presence of heat and humidity.

Cut-off ring with a comb structure for a cosine response of ± FS to 4%.

The two-piece housing minimises radiant heating, allows convection cooling of the sensor and prevents water or dust entrapment.

Solar radiation sensor (6450)

Measures solar radiation for potential evapotranspiration (PET) and temperature/humidity/sun/wind index (THSW).

The diffuser element and housing are carefully designed for accurate cosine response.

The silicon photodiode provides a good match with the solar spectrum.

Sensor mounting shelf (6673)

For mounting a solar radiation sensor and/or UV sensor to a Vantage Pro2 integrated weather station.