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Radio transmitter with power adapter

Radio transmitter with power adapter

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AC-powered radio transmitter for Vantage Pro 2 that allows the anemometer to be mounted in a different location than the built-in sensor suite. Distance up to 300 meters from your console. 

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Radio transmitter that can be positioned indoors or outdoors with a transmission distance of up to 300 metres. The 6331EU radio transmitter is compatible with Vantage Pro 2 Series weather stations using 868.0 - 868.6 MHz. 

Works with WeatherLink Live, Vantage Connect, Weather Envoy, and the Vantage Pro 2 console. 

Supports up to 5 sensors including:

  • Anemometer (6410)
  • Rain sensor (6463 or 6465)
  • Temperature and humidity sensor (6834, 6830, 6832)
  • UV sensor (6490) 
  • Solar radiation sensor (6450)

An AC adapter is provided for power supply.

When used with a Vantage Pro 2 and then a console, the transmitter can be used only for an anemometer offset.

It can be used with the other sensors when receiving with WeatherLink Live.

6332OV/6331EU manual (EN)

Manual in english

Download (1002.62KB)
plastiques ABS et ASA résistants aux UV
Measurement frequency
2.5 sec
Power supply
Adaptateur secteur, 5 VDC, 1000 mA
299 mm x 177 mm x 76 mm
0.9 kg
Current consumption
0.14 mA (moyenne), 30 mA (pic)
2 an
Backup power supply
pile Lithium 3V CR123 (non fournie)
Radio frequency
868.0 - 868.6 MHz FHSS
Wireless range
300m à vue, 60 à 120m avec des obstacles