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Hobo Pendant® Weather Event datalogger

Hobo Pendant® Weather Event datalogger

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L’enregistreur HOBO® Pendant® d'évènements météorologiques UA-003-64 permet de mesurer avec précision les taux de précipitations, en étant connecté à un pluviomètre standard. Il permet de déterminer l'intensité des pluies ou leur durée ainsi que la température grâce à sa sonde intégrée.

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The HOBO® Pendant® Weather Event Recorder UA-003-64 allows for the accurate measurement of rainfall rates by being connected to a standard rain gauge. It allows you to determine the intensity of rainfall or its duration as well as the temperature with its integrated sensor. In addition, you can access detailed event data that is stored only when the event occurs for better memory usage. It is recommended to place the unit in a radiation shelter or use a solar radiation shield for accurate temperature measurement in solar and outdoor applications (See Solar Radiation Shield RS1 and Solar Radiation Shield M-RSA). To retrieve data from a computer, the BASE-U-4 USB optical interface or the U-DTW-1 transport shuttle and HOBOware Pro software are required.  

Advantages :

  • Ideal for recording rainfall with tipping bucket rain gauges
  • Records up to 16,000 tilts
  • Event-based data storage provides detailed data and efficient memory usage

Technical specifications

External event input :

  • Event sensor: Two-wire interface suitable for measuring mechanical and electrical contacts
  • Maximum input frequency: 1 Hz (1 pulse per second)
  • Latching time: 500 milliseconds
  • Minimum pulse width: 1 millisecond
  • Input or output impedance: 100 kΩ
  • Edge detection: Falling edge, contact closure, or Schmitt trigger buffer
  • Preferred switch type: Normally open. The recorder will also operate with the switches closed but battery life will be reduced
  • Open input circuit voltage: Battery voltage (3.0 V)
  • Maximum input voltage: Battery voltage + 0.3 V
  • User connections: 24 AWG, 2 wires: white (+), black (-)
±1 minute per month at 25°C
Power supply
CR-2032 3V lithium battery
71 x 33 x 23 mm
50 g
Power supply autonomy
1 year of normal use
Operating temperature
-20°C à 70°C
NEMA 6 et IP67
1.8 m
64 Ko
0.14°C at 25°C
±0.53°C from 0°C to 50°C
Measuring range
-20°C to 70°C
less than 0.1°C per year
Response time
10 minutes in air at 2 m/s