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Peet Bros rain gauge with recorder

Peet Bros rain gauge with recorder

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Pack including a Peet Bros rain gauge and a Hobo Pendant data logger. 


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Tipping bucket rain gauge
 Support Pluvio Peet Bros-Without bracket
Tipping bucket rain gauge Support Pluvio Peet Bros-Without bracket
x 1
Event and temperature recorder
Event and temperature recorder
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The Peet Bros Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge has a 20 cm diameter cone and a tipping bucket system. Each time the buckets are tilted, the rain gauge records 0.25 mm of rain.

For optimal installation of the rain gauge it is recommended to use the Peet Bros WSF-04150 stand.

The Peet Bros rain gauge is associated with the Hobo UA-003-64 data logger in order to store the rainfall totals and intensities. The data logger can store up to 30 000 measurements.

The data logger has a thermometer. When placed in a Davis Instruments 7714 radiation shelter, the logger will also allow for accurate ambient temperature measurements. You will then have a real climate station.

To retrieve the data on a computer, the BASE-U-1 USB optical base, the Hobo BASE-U-4 USB optical interface or the Hobo U-DTW-1 waterproof transport shuttle and the HOBOware Pro software are required.

  • Stainless steel trough axis for a more precise tilting and a longer life span.
  • Larger troughs than competitive products, to reduce disturbances caused by dust, pollen, spider webs...
  • Large diameter cone (20.3 centimetres) for greater accuracy.
  • High vertical side walls to prevent splashing to the outside of the rain gauge.
  • Each rain gauge is individually calibrated for optimum accuracy.
  • The Peet Bros Rain Gauge can be left outside during the winter without damage.
0.25 mm
± 1.5% with a maximum rain intensity of 127 mm/h
Measuring range
0.00 to 1999.9 mm
2.1 kg
12 meter cable, 4 conductors, 0.4 mm, RJ12 plug
Measurement principle
tilting trough with magnetic contact
Rain receiving surface
20.3 cm