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Tipping bucket rain gauge with flat base

Tipping bucket rain gauge with flat base

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Rain gauge with flat base, bird spikes and aerodynamic cone. New single bucket system, high accuracy.


This rain gauge uses Davis Instruments' new tipping bucket system. It also uses an aerodynamic cone to increase the accuracy of the recordings in strong winds. 

It is an equivalent to the 6466M but without the bracket or mast attachment system. It has a flat base and can therefore be placed on a horizontal surface.

The rain gauge is supplied in a metric version (0.2 mm per tilt) and is fitted with a U-shaped flange which allows the rain gauge to be mounted on a 30 mm to 40 mm diameter pipe. It is possible to install the rain gauge on a wooden beam for example with the two bottom brackets included. The rain gauge is equipped with the new version of the cone with bird spikes, a debris grid and a 12 meter long cable (with RJ11 connector). 

This automatic rain gauge sends out an electrical pulse each time it is tilted. It uses a reed switch (ILS) triggered on tipping. It can be connected to many dataloggers or data acquisition systems that allow the processing of a pulse signal.

0.2 mm
±3%, ±1 pulse for intensities up to 250 mm/h
16.5x24 cm (without bird spikes)
1.0 kg
Impulses (ILS)
12 meters cable, 4 conductors, 0.4 mm, RJ12 plug
Measurement principle
tilting trough with magnetic contact
Rain receiving surface
214 cm²

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