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Vantage Vue Rain Gauge Heater

Vantage Vue Rain Gauge Heater

€165.00 (tax incl.) (€137.50 VAT excl.)

This heater is ideal for use in cold climates where precipitation measurement is not possible in heavy rain or snow. Requires 12V power, AC adapter included. Compatible with Vantage Vue weather station only.


Heater used in cold regions, in case of freezing rain or to measure precipitation when it snows. The heater is powered by 220 volts (220V - 12V transformer). Compatible with Vantage Vue rain gauges only. Supplied with:

  • 16 watt 12 volt heater with thermostat.
  • 15 metre cable.
  • Intelligent power consumption
  • 220 Volt - 12 Volt transformer
  • Installation accessories
  • Easy installation