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61 m cable, 4 conductors

61 m cable, 4 conductors

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61-meter (200-foot) cable with 4 conductors and RJ11 connectors to extend the distance between the acquisition board (ISS) and your Vantage Pro 2 weather station sensor or between your console and your wired Vantage Pro 2 sensor suite.

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The 61 m 4-conductor cable can be used with the following Davis Instruments equipment:

  • Vantage Pro 2 weather station cable console
  • 6410 vane anemometer
  • Rain gauge 
  • Solar radiation sensor
  • UV sensor
  • Temperature sensors (except Temperature/Humidity sensor)
  • WeatherLink datalogger

We recommend that you do not exceed these cable lengths between the following sensors:

  • ISS and Anemometer: As the added cable length increases, the maximum recordable wind speed decreases. With 43 m of cable, the maximum recorded wind speed can be 282 km/h. With 104 m, only 113 km/h can be recorded.
  • ISS and solar radiation sensor: Maximum cable length 38 m.
  • ISS and UV sensor: Maximum cable length 38 m.
  • The ISS and the console: Maximum cable length 300 m.
  • WeatherLink datalogger and computer: Maximum cable length 14.6 m.

An RJ female/female coupler and a protective case are provided for easy connection of your cables. The protective case is not waterproof and moisture proof. If you place it outside, it must be sealed to prevent data loss or incorrect data. 

Product sheet 7876 (EN)

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4 conducteurs, embout RJ12
61 m