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Ultrasonic Anemometer 4-20mA

Ultrasonic Anemometer 4-20mA

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Robust and accurate ultrasonic wind vane anemometer. Ultrasonic wind sensor with 4-40 mA analog output.


The CV7 vane anemometer is an ultrasonic anemometer made in France. This anemometer has proven itself in marine applications, and is renowned for its robustness in the naval sector but also for its accuracy in the competitive sailing sector. 

The sonic wind sensors are static wind vanes, without rotating parts. Thus, the CV7 anemometer is discreet due to its small size and the absence of moving parts that do not attract the eye.

4-20 mA analog output

The SONIC-ANEMO-420-AC is the static ultrasonic wind vane-anemometer, mounted on a vertical arm. This sonic sensor is programmable for dry contact management with alarm triggering wind speed and alarm termination hysteresis. The configuration is stored in a non-volatile EEPROM memory.

Possibility of manual triggering of the alarm. 

Galvanic isolation :

  • between the 24 V supply and the sensor supply
  • of each loop
  • of each dry contact 

The set includes a sensor, 25 meters of cable and the conversion interface. 

Made in France

The CV7 vane anemometers are manufactured in France in the Nantes region, allowing a fast and efficient after sales service. This proximity also allows the manufacturer to adapt these products to your specific needs, do not hesitate to contact us for that. 

The anemometers are subject to drastic quality controls throughout the manufacturing process.

Technical specifications

Interface 420-AC : 

  • DIN rail enclosure dimensions; 4 units
  • 1 port for CV7-V (12V and RS422 data) isolated from power supply
  • 1 isolated 4-20mA output for anemometer, range 0-40 m/s
  • 1 isolated 4-20mA output for wind vane, range 0° - 359°.
  • 1 dry contact Alarm 1 open at rest, breaking capacity 1A / 220V AC
  • 1 dry contact Alarm 2 open at rest, breaking capacity 1A / 220V AC
  • 1 wind sensor activity indicator, Data received.
  • 1 activity indicator for the 420-AC interface, data read.
  • Under the protective cover :
  • 1 normal / configuration mode selection switch
  • 1 Alarm 1 test push-button
  • 1 Alarm 2 test push-button
  • Interface features :
  • Alarm 1 threshold setting
  • Alarm 2 threshold setting
  • Hysteresis setting of the 2 alarms in %.
  • Alarm 1 relay test
  • Alarm 2 relay test


  • Standard NMEA0183® - 4800 baud
  • FURUNO©, RD30, RD33, Sounders, Radars, NavNet, NavNet2, NavNet3...
  • GARMIN© all indicators with a wind window and NMEA0183 input.
  • NKE Topline, TL25, GyroPilot, MultiGraph, NMEA/Topline input interface
  • SIMRAD: IS12 MEGA, IS15 Wind, IS15 Expendeur, SimNet AT10 interface
  • Navigation software: Adrena, FT NavVision, MaxSea, Noé, OpenCPN, ScanNav, Seapro, Sodena, StatMETEO.
  • NASA, METEOMAN for terrestrial applications


  • SONIC-ANEMO-420-AC sensor with 31 cm vertical support
  • Mounting bracket
  • Interface 420-AC

Manuel SONIC-ANEMO-420-AC (FR)

Download (806.57KB)
Wind speed ; Wind direction
Measurement frequency
2 fois par seconde
Power supply
24 V DC ou AC
Capteur : Cylindre Ø 64 mm - hauteur 41 mm ; Bras : Aluminium, 300 mm, diamètre 16 mm
Operating temperature
-15 °C to +55°C (sans givre)
4-20 mA
25 m, 4x0.22 mm². Ø4 mm
2 ans
0.1 m/s (0.1 knots)
Measuring range
0.15-40 m/s
Trigger threshold
0.13 m/s (0.25 knots)
Wind direction
Measuring range
0-359 °