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Ultrasonic anemometer NMEA0183

Ultrasonic anemometer NMEA0183

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Robust and accurate ultrasonic vane anemometer. Suitable for RS232 or RS422 connection, NMEA0183 transmission protocol. PLC compatible with a range of optional interfaces.


The CV7 vane anemometer is an ultrasonic anemometer made in France. This anemometer has proven itself in marine applications, and is renowned for its robustness in the naval sector as well as for its accuracy in the competitive sailing sector. 

Sonic wind sensors are static wind vanes with no rotating parts. Thus, the CV7 wind sensor is discreet due to its small size and the absence of moving parts that do not attract the eye.

Configurable wind sensor

This sonic sensor is configurable, the following parameters can be adjusted: angle correction, smoothing time constant, measurement units, interface format. The configuration of the sonic anemometer is stored in a non-volatile EEPROM.

Possible connections

The sensor can be operated directly by a PC or by any equipment equipped with a serial, TTL or RS232 port (connections not supplied). The transmission protocol is NMEA0183, a very simple standard to decode in ASCII, 4800 bauds (see documentation below).

Made in France

The CV7 vane anemometers are manufactured in France in the Nantes region, allowing a fast and efficient after sales service. This proximity also allows the manufacturer to adapt these products to your specific needs, please contact us for this. 

The anemometers are subject to stringent quality controls throughout the manufacturing process.

Technical specifications

Wiring : 

4 wires :

  • Red: +12Vdc (9 to 16Vdc, 12mA)
  • Blue: 0V
  • Yellow: NMEA0183® + output
  • Green: NMEA0183® - output

Measurement range : 

  • Wind force: 0.25 to 80 knots
  • Wind angle: 0 to 359° - Temperature: -15°C (excluding the temperature of the water)
  • Temperature: -15°C (excluding ice) to +55°C

Sensitivity of measurements : 

  • Wind force: 0.25 knots
  • Wind angle: +/-1°.
  • Wind temperature: +/- 1°C

NMEA0183® Phrases used: 

  • IIMWV: Wind Angle, Wind Strength and Measurement Validity
  • WIXDR: Wind temperature
  • PLCJ: Manufacturer's data
  • PLCJE: Manufacturer's data
  • Transmission speed: 4800 Bauds
  • Complies with European CE standards

Programmable configurations :

  • Angle correction in degrees
  • Speed and direction smoothing time constant: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 s
  • Speed unit in knots, m/s, km/h
  • Temperature unit Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • NMEA® or specialised interface format 


  • Standard NMEA0183® - 4800 baud
  • FURUNO©, RD30, RD33, Sounders, Radars, NavNet, NavNet2, NavNet3...
  • GARMIN© all indicators with a wind window and NMEA0183® input.
  • NKE Topline, TL25, GyroPilot, MultiGraph, NMEA®/Topline input interface
  • SIMRAD: IS15 Wind, IS15 Expendeur, SimNet AT10 interface
  • Navigation software: Adrena, FT NavVision, MaxSea, Noé, OpenCPN, ScanNav, Seapro, Sodena, StatMETEO.
  • NASA, METEOMAN for terrestrial applications
  • Compatible with all NMEA2000 equipment with our WindyPlug option.


  • CV7-V sensor with 310 mm vertical support
  • Fixing bracket
  • 25 m of 4X 0.22mm² cable
  • Installation and operating instructions
RS422 ; RS232
25 m
±0,25 kts
Measuring range
0,25 à 80 kts
Wind direction
Measuring range
0 à 359°

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