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Ultrasonic Anemometer-Vane with USB connection NMEA0183

Ultrasonic Anemometer-Vane with USB connection NMEA0183

€769.00 (tax incl.) (€640.83 VAT excl.)

Robust and accurate ultrasonic vane anemometer. Supplied with USB connection


The CV7 vane anemometer is an ultrasonic anemometer made in France. This anemometer has proven itself in marine applications, and is renowned for its robustness in the naval sector as well as for its accuracy in the competitive sailing sector. 

Sonic wind sensors are static wind vanes with no rotating parts. Thus, the CV7 wind sensor is unobtrusive due to its small size and the absence of moving parts that do not attract the eye.

Configurable wind sensor

This sonic sensor is configurable, the following parameters can be adjusted: angle correction, smoothing time constant, measurement units, interface format. The configuration of the sonic anemometer is stored in a non-volatile EEPROM.

USB connection

The sensor can be operated directly from a PC via the USB connection provided. Compared to the basic version CV7-V, the anemometer additionally includes a USB box interface with an opto-coupled data input, a 12 VDC power supply output for the sensor and a USB port (FTDI driver) type A cord.

The weather data can be viewed with the free StatFixMETEO visualisation software. The paid version also allows the data to be saved in a daily file.

Made in France

The CV7 vane anemometers are manufactured in France in the Nantes region, allowing for a fast and efficient after sales service. This proximity also allows the manufacturer to adapt these products to your specific needs, so don't hesitate to contact us. 

The anemometers are subject to stringent quality controls throughout the manufacturing process.

Technical specifications

Communication : 

Digital output: RS422 / RS232
NMEA 0183 sentences used:

  • Wind data - MWV - 2 times per second
  • Temperature data - XDR - 2 times per second

Baud rate: 4800 baud

Programmable configurations :

  • Angle correction in degrees
  • Speed and direction smoothing time constant: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 s
  • Speed unit in knots, m/s, km/h
  • Temperature unit Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • NMEA® or specialised interface format

Scope of supply :

  • CV7-V sensor head and stand.
  • Cable 25m. - Operating instructions.
  • Interface USB box :
    • 1 opto-coupled data input
    • 1 x 12VDC power supply output for the sensor
    • 1 USB port (FTDI driver) type A cable Dimension: H35mm X L151mm X l 64mm
  • Weight of the cable : 20 gr/m
  • Weight of sensor + arm and base: 200 gr
  • Sensor weight: 100 gr
  • CE mark : EN 55022 EN 55024
Power supply
9 à 14 Volts DC
Capteur : Cylindrique Ø 64 mm Hauteur 61 mm ; mat support : Tube aluminium anodisé longueur 330 mm, Ø 16mm
200 g
Operating temperature
-15°C (hors givre) à +55°C
RS422 / RS232
Longueur 25m
Units of measurement
°C or °F
Measuring range
–15°C à +55°C
Units of measurement
nœuds, m/s, km/h
0.1 m/s
± 5% de la valeur vraie ± 0,5 m/s jusqu'à 25 m/s
Measuring range
0.25 à 40 m/s
Trigger threshold
0.12 m/s
Wind direction
± 3 degrés pour une vitesse supérieur à 7 m/s
Measuring range
0 à 359°