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Rain gauge electronic with heater Pro

Rain gauge electronic with heater Pro

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Precision electronic rain gauge (drip) for Peet Bros weather stations with integrated heater.

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The Peet Bros Pro Rain Gauge is an electronic rain gauge, it measures rainfall via a special tube which transforms the rainfall into a drop, each drop passes over a sensor formed by four gold plated contacts, one drop corresponds to 0.03 mm. Every 10 drops the rain gauge transmits a signal to the console, one signal = 0.25 mm of rain.

This version of the rain gauge is equipped with a heater that allows snow or hail to melt and thus be measured in liquid form.

The heater is equipped with an 18 watt heating element, a 12 metre cable and a power transformer. 

Power supply
Heating resistor: 24 Volts - 18 Watts
12 metres of cable, RJ11 male connector; heater cable: 2 conductors 12 metres
8.1 cm cone
0.25 mm
± 5% with a maximum rain intensity of 254mm per hour
Measuring range
0.00 to 1999.9 mm
Measurement principle
drip metering