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Meteo-Pi Ethernet for Vantage Pro 2/Vantage Vue

Meteo-Pi Ethernet for Vantage Pro 2/Vantage Vue

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Meteo-Pi Ethernet is an alternative data logger for Davis Instruments® weather stations. It is the enhanced equivalent of the WeatherLink IP datalogger.

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Meteo-Pi Ethernet is an alternative data logger for Davis Instruments® weather stations.

This datalogger is a replacement for the WeatherLink IP datalogger, which has been discontinued by Davis Instruments. It connects to your local network and the Internet via Ethernet. If you want to connect via Wi-Fi, we also offer the WiFiLogger V2 datalogger.

It is compatible with all Davis Instruments consoles (Vantage Vue, Vantage Pro 2 or Weather Envoy) and can be connected in place of the Weatherlink USB, SERIAL or IP datalogger.

Meteo-Pi Ethernet offers all the features of the WeatherLink IP datalogger. You can transfer your data to WeatherLink or other software via TCP port 22222. 

Meteo-Pi Ethernet can be used with WeatherLink IP datalogger-compatible software such as WeatherLink, CumulusMX, Weather Display, WeatherCat (for Mac users), and others.

You can also send your data over online networks without leaving a computer running. You can even send your data to WeatherLink.com as if you had a Davis Instruments data logger.

Meteo-Pi Ethernet allows your data to be sent to the WeatherLink.com cloud every minute, but also to wunderground.com or via a custom PHP script to a custom server.

Unlike the WeatherLink IP datalogger, this datalogger does not cause your Davis Instruments console to overheat.

As with the WeatherLink IP datalogger, you have the ability to download your data remotely via the Weatherlink software. However, this feature must be retained by Davis Instruments over time. Davis Instruments only guarantees its services on IP dataloggers as long as a number of them remain in operation.

Manual Meteo-Pi (EN)

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Manual Meteo-Pi (FR)

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Logiciel WeatherLInk 6.0.5

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Based on 6 reviews

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    Very well packaged parcel, fairly fast shipping, very good contact with the sales department. It was perfect! (Translated review)

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    Quite easy to configure. (Translated review)

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    Product as expected (Translated review)

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    Works very well and replaces the faulty Davis module. (Translated review)

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    Works fine with my Vantage Pro 2 and Meteohub or Weewx.

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    product conforms, works normally (Translated review)