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Crane series Anemometer INT10C

Crane series Anemometer INT10C

KRIWAN anemometer designed for installation on cranes. 4-20 mA output. Sensor only, no display or data acquisition system.



Construction cranes may not be used when the wind speed exceeds the specified limit (72 km/h). Crane manufacturers should therefore be aware of the critical wind speed limits, and install an anemometer on cranes with a height of 30 m or more. Kriwan's C Series anemometers are specifically designed for the needs of tower cranes, but can also be used on other types of cranes. The characteristics of the Kriwan wind sensors meet the exact requirements of wind measurements on cranes.

Instructions for use

The Kriwan INT10C anemometer records the current wind speed and converts it into a linear 4-20 mA output signal. The sensor is storm and weather resistant. The self-contained heating system allows for use at very low temperatures (-20°c at the coldest). The evaluation is then carried out separately with a measuring instrument, a display instrument or in the connected monitoring system.

This kriwan anemometer offers the following features

  • Robust and reliable construction
  • Low starting torque and high load resistance
  • High accuracy
  • Reliable value acquisition
  • Easy installation
  • Wide temperature range
  • Integrated overvoltage protection 
  • UL/CSA approval 
  • No maintenance required 

Caution: The power supply must be connected by qualified personnel. Observe the applicable European and national standards for the connection of electrical equipment. To avoid damage or interruption of operation caused by direct or indirect overvoltage, it is advisable to install a separate lightning protection device.  

Product sheet INT10C (FR)

Download (344.53KB)
ABS plastic, glass fiber reinforced
Units of measurement
Power supply
DC 24V ±25%
650 g
Operating temperature
Current consumption
21 mA max
Steel tubular pole, max. outer diameter 50 mm; min. inner diameter 37 mm
± 0.5 m/s
Measuring range
0 to 50 m/s
Measurement frequency
2.5 sec max
4-20 mA