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WeatherText software

WeatherText software

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WeatherText software to communicate data from a Peet Bros Ultimeter 100, 800 or 2100 weather station to a PC. Please note: this is not a datalogger, it only communicates data from the console.

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Compatible with ULTIMETER 2100/800/100 as of June 2005, WeatherText® Tools is software for Windows operating systems.

Send weather reports by email, record weather data, store weather data on a web page and generate a weather report in APRS format. Get the most out of your ULTIMETER weather station with WeatherText®!  

WeatherText® Data Logger: a data acquisition tool that generates and archives weather data log files in two convenient file formats: .txt (for convenient viewing with a word processor or IE) and .csv (for instant analysis, graphing and plotting in Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet program)  

WeatherText® Internet: FTP utility that transfers WeatherText ™ reports to a web server at scheduled intervals (in .txt and .csv file formats).  

WeatherText® Mail: email application that automatically sends WeatherText® reports to selected email addresses at scheduled intervals. Share critical weather data from your ULTIMETER with your personal contacts, weather office or emergency management agency.  

WeatherText® APRS: a tool that automatically generates a weather report, properly formatted for transmission via APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System), an amateur radio technology developed for efficient data packet transmission. Requires the use of UI-View32 software or a compatible equivalent. 

Each WeatherText® one-minute report includes all current values, as well as the highest wind speed in the last minute with corresponding wind direction, average wind speed in the last minute, 3-hour barometric pressure change, current and long-term precipitation, today's highs and lows, and the current time and date. In addition, each time you press a key combination, a full WeatherText® history report is generated (contains highs and lows for the last 7 days plus long term).

Example of a 1 minute report :



Wind: Cur 8.0MPH 180Deg, 1mAvg 4.6MPH, 1mPeak 9.8MPH 176Deg

Hi 9.9MPH 188Deg

WChill: Cur 75.7F, Lo 75.6F

Temp Out: Cur 75.7F, Hi 75.7F, Lo 75.6F

Temp In: Cur 76.4F, Hi 76.6F, Lo 76.3F

Hum Out: Cur 65.6%, Hi 65.9%, Lo 65.6%

Baro: Cur 29.93inHg, Hi 29.94inHg, Lo 29.93inHg, 3hr chg +0.0inHg

Dewpt: Cur 63.6F

Heatx: Cur 77.0F

Rain: Today 0.21in, Since 01/01/05: 2.57in


Example of a full report with history :



Wind Hi Lo Chill

02/07/05 7.4MPH 68Deg 06:43A, 48.1F 02:19A

02/06/04 11.4MPH 193Deg 12:15P, 47.9F 04:37A

02/05/04 13.4MPH 24Deg 09:13A, 46.9F 08:17P

02/04/04 12.9MPH 184Deg 01:08P, 46.1F 07:48P

02/03/04 8.8MPH 205Deg 10:14A, 40.8F 09:28A

02/02/04 11.3MPH 210Deg 02:48P, 42.7F 11:23A

02/01/04 8.5MPH 69Deg 11:24A, 41.5F 08:18P

01/31/04 13.4MPH 210Deg 02:31P, 41.1F 07:44P

Long Trm 20.4MPH 77Deg 01/27/05 05:22A

Long Trm Lo Chill 30.1F 01/27/05 02:15P

Temp Out Hi Out Lo In Hi In Lo

02/07/05 59.5F 05:43A, 48.1F 02:19A, 76.0F 12:34P, 66.8F 03:45A

02/06/04 58.9F 07:01A, 47.9F 04:37A, 74.7F 12:00A, 67.4F 05:58A

02/05/04 62.8F 01:55P, 46.9F 08:17P, 77.4F 04:42P, 65.6F 06:06A

02/04/04 60.5F 05:20P, 46.1F 07:48P, 78.2F 01:56P, 65.3F 05:09A

02/03/04 60.7F 07:11P, 40.8F 09:28A, 78.0F 05:52P, 64.8F 04:40A

02/02/04 58.1F 09:16P, 43.4F 12:57A, 79.4F 02:41P, 64.3F 05:08A

02/01/04 53.8F 05:23A, 41.5F 08:18P, 78.2F 02:18P, 64.3F 04:28A

01/31/04 54.7F 06:26A, 41.1F 07:44P, 80.4F 03:20P, 65.6F 05:12A

Long trm Out Hi 62.8F 02/05/05 01:55P, Lo 30.3F 01/28/05 08:44P

Long trm In Hi 80.4F 01/31/05 01:55P, Lo 63.6F 01/28/05 05:10A

Humidity Out Hi Out Lo In Hi In Lo

02/07/05 97.2% 12:00A, 45.7% 02:34P, 28.7% 05:51A, 25.2% 02:58P

02/06/04 98.1% 05:09A, 56.5% 02:27P, 35.6% 06:20A, 32.4% 02:45P

02/05/04 92.9% 12:00A, 45.8% 02:10P, 29.1% 06:43A, 26.0% 02:49P

02/04/04 100.0% 12:00A, 85.7% 04:49P, 58.2% 05:39A, 47.1% 05:10P

02/03/04 100.0% 11:37P, 86.0% 12:33P, 58.8% 05:21A, 45.9% 02:32P

02/02/04 96.3% 12:27A, 52.3% 01:57P, 37.3% 05:31A, 30.7% 02:21P

02/01/04 94.2% 12:00A, 45.7% 03:51P, 28.9% 04:59A, 25.8% 04:07P

01/31/04 97.8% 08:51P, 65.4% 03:51P, 42.3% 05:52A, 34.1% 04:19P

Long trm Out Hi 100.0% 01/26/05 12:33A, Lo 39.1% 01/29/05 02:05P

Long trm In Hi 71.1% 01/14/05 06:32A, Lo 21.0% 01/19/05 05:47P

Barometer Hi Lo

02/07/05 30.47inHg 12:00A, 30.23inHg 03:14P

02/06/04 30.57inHg 10:17A, 30.41inHg 12:45A

02/05/04 30.41inHg 11:37P, 30.19inHg 12:01A

02/04/04 30.19inHg 10:03P, 30.11inHg 01:21P

02/03/04 30.40inHg 12:00A, 30.13inHg 05:08P

02/02/04 30.50inHg 09:32A, 30.40inHg 09:49P

02/01/04 30.46inHg 08:48P, 30.37inHg 03:18P

01/31/04 30.38inHg 11:51P, 30.13inHg 12:00A

Long trm Hi 30.77inHg 01/28/05 09:51A, Lo 29.57inHg 01/26/05 01:39P


02/07/05 0.00in

02/06/04 0.00in

02/05/04 0.00in

02/04/04 0.34in

02/03 04 0.02in

02/02/04 0.00in

02/01/04 0.00in

01/31/04 0.00in

Long trm Since 01/01/05 0.60in