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New 2-in-1 LoRaWAN leaf sensor

2-in-1 LoRaWAN leaf sensor

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The LLMS01 is a smart agriculture sensor measuring the foliage humidity and temperature.

Subscription MétéoData + LoRa
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The LLMS01 sensor by Dragino is used to measure the foliage humidity and temperature. The humidity is expressed as a fraction of the leaf that is wet. Such values can then be used in disease prevention models.

The sensor shape imitates that of a leaf, the measurements are done by a network of tiny conductive veins at the surface of the sensor by the detection of the conductivity change at each point.

The sensor uses a LoRaWAN network to output its data and is powered by a battery. It can thus be installed anywhere without constraint. The LoRaWAN network is a low-bandwidth, low-power, and long-range networking solution specifically suited for IoT sensors. 

The sensor is powered by a 8500mAh Lithium-ion battery which lasts around 5 years.

Online data on MétéoData 

The data measured by the MeteoAg weather station can be consulted in real time and archived on our MétéoData web platform. The data is updated every 10 minutes. The first year's subscription to MétéoData LoRaWAN is included in the purchase price (only available in France - contact us for installation in other countries).

The platform allows you to :

  • view a dashboard of instantaneous and extreme values
  • view tables and graphs for past periods
  • view maps showing the values of your sensor(s) and other sensors in the community 
  • create e-mail and/or SMS alerts whenever a configurable threshold is exceeded
  • export your data in CSV, Excel or other formats
  • access our API to link your data to your website or other applications

Technical sheet LLMS01 (EN)

Download (447.05KB)
IP67 (probe) ; IP66 (box)
7cm (measuring element) ; 13cm (whole probe)
Units of measurement
+/-0.5°C (-10-70°C), +/-1°C
Measuring range
Leaf wetness
Leaf Wetness
Units of measurement
Wet surface ratio
+/-3% (0-50%), +/-6%
Measuring range
Measurement principle
Measure of the conductivity at the surface of the sensor