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Agriculture station MeteoAG™ IoT

Agriculture station MeteoAG™ IoT

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The agriculture station MeteoAg provides you with a standalone measuring point for agricultural metrics (soil temperature ou water content, or leaf wetness for instance) anywhere in your field. It's autonomous both in electricity, thanks to its soler panel, and in connectivity because it sends its data over LoRaWAN.

Subscription MétéoData + LoRaWAN or NBIoT connection
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  • 1 year
  • 3 years
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The agriculture station MeteoAg is the simplest way to add agriculture-dedicated sensors anywhere, without hassle. It's a simple box which can be mounted on a pole or a fence and to which up to seven sensors can be connected. The following sensors are already available and more are to follow:

  • Watermark SS200 (water tension),
  • Decagon 10HS (volumetric water content),
  • METER group EC-5 (volumetric water content),
  • METER group PHYTOS31 (leaf wetness),
  • NTC 10k thermistor (soil temperature),
  • Hukseflux HFP01SC (heat flux).

You may also use the NTC probes for air temperature (under a radiation shield such as the MeteoShield®) or water temperature measurement.

Sensors must be installed in groups, all sensors within a group must be identical. The probe type is configured using a rotary selector inside the box.

Groups / Selector position         0      1        2      3     4      5        6           7
Group 1 - Soil moisture SS200 10HS EC-5                                 PHYTOS31 same as group 2
Group 2 - Temperature NTC 10k 10HS same as group 1
Group 3 - Leaf wetness or heat flux PHYTOS31 10HS NTC 10k HFP01SC same as group 2

A special setting, position 7, is used to extend another group. The MeteoAg station can thus host up to seven Watermark SS200 probes or seven NTC 10k thermistors for instance.

Online data on MeteoData 

The data measured by the MeteoAg weather station can be consulted in real time and archived on our web platform MétéoData. The data is updated every 10 minutes. The first year of subscription to MétéoData LoRaWAN is included in the purchase price (only available in France - contact us for installation in another country).

The platform allows you to :

  • view a dashboard of instantaneous and extreme values
  • view tables and graphs for past periods
  • view maps of the values of your sensor(s) and other sensors in the community 
  • create alerts by email and/or SMS when a configurable threshold is exceeded
  • export your data in CSV, Excel or other formats
  • access our API to link your data to your website or other applications.

Technical sheet MeteoAg IoT (EN)

Download (3.28MB)
200mm x 200mm x 60mm
Power supply autonomy
8 month without sun
Operating temperature
-33°C ... 65°C
IP67W (DIN40050)
7 water-tight cable glands (M12) for cables of diameter 3 to 6.5mm