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Vantage Connect 2G/3G connected weather station

Vantage Connect 2G/3G connected weather station

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The Vantage connect system is a stand-alone GPRS/3G modem that allows data from your Vantage Pro 2, Vantage Vue weather station to be transmitted to www.weatherlink.com or to your smartphone

  • Wireless
  • Wired
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Vantage Connect Wireless is a fully self-contained 2G/3G modem and is equipped with a solar panel and battery. You can use Vantage Connect directly with a Vantage Pro2 sensor suite, Vantage Vue, or a full station. A console or Weather Envoy is not required.

Vantage Connect is compatible with wireless sensor suites and transmitters, as well as radio repeaters.

Cabled Vantage Connect is the same 2G/3G modem but is only compatible with the wired Vantage Pro 2 sensor suites 6322C, 6327C, 6820C, 6825C.

An alarm system allows you to receive a real-time email if a weather parameter is exceeded. The data can be viewed from anywhere in the world with a computer, smartphone or tablet via the website www.weatherlink.com.

WeatherLink software is included and allows you to download weather data to your computer via the internet for analysis, storage, and graphing.

In order to use Vantage Connect you must use an annual subscription to send data, there are three subscription options:

  • Annual subscription for data transmission every 5 minutes - 6632A
  • Annual subscription to send data every 15 minutes - 6634A
  • Annual subscription data transmission every 60 minutes - 6636A

The subscription must be renewed every year.

The 6710 charger is available as an option.

Brochure Vantage Connect Vantage Connect 2G/3G

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Rugged ASA Plastic
Power supply
solar panel 5 ; battery 6V 12 Ah
34.9 X 25.4 X 10.6 cm
3.69 kg
Operating temperature
-40° to +60°C
2 ans
Radio frequency
wireless model : 868.0 - 868.6 MHz FHSS
Wireless range
wireless model : 300m on sight, 60 to 120m with obstacles

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