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Datalogger met[LOG]

Datalogger met[LOG]

The met[LOG] datalogger is a simple solution to collect, store, visualize and export data from your sensors. Its embedded web application met[APP] is ideal as a dashboard.

met[LOG] kit

The met[LOG] datalogger is an economical solution when the versatility and large number of inputs of the Ser[LOG]Plus is not a requirement.

It can be connected to up to three Lambrecht sensors (such as the rain[e], EOLOS, THP, etc.) on its RS485 Modbus inputs and up to four other sensors on its configurable analogic/digital inputs (for a temperature probe, a contact pluviometer, an anemometer, or any other sensor, meteorological or not).

It has for digital outputs usable for alerts. Eight alert channels are available in total. A RJ-45 ethernet output is used for the connexion to the computer network.

The met[APP] embedded web application is used to setup the datalogger, configure the inputs and alertes, visualize the data and export them in an automated fashion. All the communication with the datalogger is done over HTTP.

If the datalogger is used with Lambrecht Modbus, an autoconfiguration button on top of the device is available to make the datalogger operational with a single click and within minutes.

The datalogger stores data on a SD card. Depending on the number of connected sensors, the measurement frequency of each one, and the capacity of the SD card, the number of datapoints which can be stored can vary. Typically, you can expect to be able to store about one year worth of data.

The datalogger can be ordered as part of a kit with a power[cube]  box to power the met[LOG] and other sensors. There is also a version including a WiFi router in case it's impossible or inconvenient to use the met[LOG] Ethernet connection directly.

Power supply
11-32 Vcc
17.8 x 89 x 60mm
Operating temperature
-40 - +85°C
ESD IEC 61000-4-2 - 8kV
3xRS485 ; 1 Ethernet port ; 4 analogic/digital inputs ; 4 digital outputs
35mm DIN rail mount