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Peet Bros Ultimeter 100 Weather Station

Peet Bros Ultimeter 100 Weather Station

€249.00 (tax incl.) (€207.50 VAT excl.)
Delivery in 1 to 5 days in Europa

For highly accurate wind measurement. Displays instantaneous wind and extremes. Also measures outdoor temperature.

Anemometer type
  • PRO
  • PRO, Marine
  • Standard
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The Peet Bros Ultimeter 100 weather station is optimised for real-time wind measurement. The anemometer and console use a 0.5 second measuring step. With such a measuring step you will be able to measure a maximum number of wind gusts, the threshold for the cups is 2.4 km/h (minimum wind speed to turn the cups).

The Ultimeter 100 station is specialised in wind measurement but can also measure

  • Wind speed & direction
  • Outdoor Temperature (Probe supplied, standardised shelter optional)
  • Wind Chill
  • Precipitation (optional rain gauge)
  • Indoor temperature (optional)

Alarms can be set up on the console, a computer connection (RS-232 serial port) is available (connection cable optional). The console is compatible with Weather Display, MeteoHub, MeteoBridge, Virtual Weather Station, WeeWx...

An optional large configurable display panel (Weather Picture) is available for displaying weather data in public areas, schools, etc. Data transmission to the Weather Picture is via cable, please consult us for more information.

The Peet Bros Ultimeter 2100 weather station is delivered with a display console (LCD screen), an anemometer/wind vane (equipped with 12m of cable), an outdoor temperature sensor (stainless steel sensor equipped with 8m of cable), a connection box (RJ11 + 2.5m cable), an AC adaptor to power the console, a wall bracket (Console) and a user manual.

There are two possible models for the Anemometer/Windvane: PRO or Standard. The PRO version has larger cups and greater sensitivity in light winds. The Standard version, on the other hand, is better suited to strong winds. We recommend the standard version for seaside or Rhone valley locations.

The anemometer/wind vane is available as an option in the marine version (recommended for the seaside).

The console stores the extremes (Maxi & mini) and is compatible with the APRS (optional cable). The Peet Bros range is guaranteed (parts & labour) for 1 year.

Manual Station 100 (EN)

Download (401.67KB)
1 year
Polycarbonate with UV treatment, Acetal, Stainless steel
0.1 km/h
± 3.2 km/h or ± 5%
Measuring range
0.3 to 257 km/h
Measurement frequency
0.5 seconds
Trigger threshold
2.4 km/h
12 meters of 4-conductor, unshielded cable with RJ11 plug
Measurement principle
anemometer with 3 cups, magnetic contact (ILS)
Cup diameter
6,6 cm
Wind direction
1° ; ± 5%
32.8 x 8.9 x 0.5 cm
Measurement principle
Magnetic sensor (ILS)
Outside temperature
Stainless steel (Inox)
± 0.5°C
Measuring range
-48°C to 66°C
8 meters of cable, RJ11 male connector
Measurement principle
Precision thermistor
± 0.5°C
Measurement principle
Calculation of the US National Weather Service Windchill Index
Receiving console
Power supply
12V DC power adapter
RS232 on RJ12 connector, UART, 2400 or 19200 baud, 8-N-1
Backup power supply
9-volt battery
LCD, not backlit
12 non-illuminated keys