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SPIEA direct reading rain gauge

SPIEA direct reading rain gauge

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Professional direct reading rain gauge. Large capacity, graduation up to 100 mm.

SPIEA 1650-01
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The rain gauge consists of two interlocking plastic parts:

1- The upper part of the rain gauge is opaque, shaped like a funnel with a perforated bottom, and serves to collect the rain over an area of 400 cm2 , which is very precisely defined by its bevelled edge. The angle of this funnel is designed to minimise the splashing of rain outside the receiving surface.

2- The lower part of the rain gauge is transparent and stores the collected water and indicates the height of the rainfall by direct reading on a graduated scale:

  • in millimetres for rainfall between 0 and 10 mm with an approximation of 1/4 millimetre
  • in centimetres for rainfall between 1 and 10 cm, with an approximation of 1/2 millimetre. This approximation is sufficient for rainfall of this magnitude.

Attention: This rain gauge is not delivered with the 8.2 mm measuring cylinder, for this see the rain gauge REF SPIEA 1650-02.

22.5 cm x 43.5 cm
1.35 kg