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Hand-held light meter with datalogger and LIS30 software

Hand-held light meter with datalogger and LIS30 software

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The LIS 30 portable light meter is designed to measure illuminance. It allows the recording of measurement campaigns and software processing on a computer.


The LX200 light meter allows for simple, at-hand measurement of brightness. The features are numerous: 

  • Instantaneous illuminance: Display of instantaneous / maximum / minimum values.
  • Relative illuminance: Allows a measurement relative to a reference point for the quantification of a luminous contribution or a decrease in illuminance.
  • Evolution of illuminance as a function of time: Storage of the temporal evolution of illuminance for monitoring ambient conditions.
  • Illuminance mapping - spatial representation: Coloured representation according to the levels obtained for printing a report (on a PC type computer).
  • Uniformity: Calculation of the min / avg ratio to determine the uniformity of the illuminance at the workstation according to the standard*.
  • Delivered with LLX200 software: Data processing software allowing the processing and printing of reports.

General information

  • Measurement range: 0.1 to 200,000 lux 
  • Relative illuminance
  • Uniformity: calculation of minimum / average ratio for determination of illuminance uniformity
  • Instantaneous illuminance
  • Illuminance mapping
  • Calibration certificate and LLX200 software

Delivered with : 

  • 1 LX200 housing with silicon photodiode sensor and glass correction filter
  • 1 storage and transport case with protective foam
  • 1 set of 3 LR3-AAA batteries
  • 1 calibration certificate
  • 1 technical manual
  • 1 LLX200 software

Tecnical sheet LX200 (FR)

Download (981.68KB)
Measuring range
0 to 200 000 lux
Power supply
3 batteries 1.5V type LR3-AAA
120 x 58 x 34 mm
185 g
Power supply autonomy
72 hours
Operating temperature
0 to 50°C
Storage temperature
0 to 50°C