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Turbo Meter Anemometer

Turbo Meter Anemometer

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Electronic wind speed indicator. Compact and easy to use.

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The Turbo Meter offers uncommon accuracy, sensitivity and compactness. Its design is based on the principle that the rotation speed of a freely rotating turbine is directly proportional to the wind speed. To ensure maximum sensitivity and accuracy, the turbine is mounted on sapphires and its rotation is detected by a beam of infrared light, resulting in minimal friction. The resulting signal is processed electrically by a large-scale integrated circuit (LSI) for increased reliability and reduced space requirements. The special 3-digit display provides superior resolution and excellent contrast for reading in bright sunlight. A convenient switch allows selection between four different scales, giving the instrument unmatched versatility. In addition, the turbine is fully enclosed in the case and the unit is very compact, so you can easily take the Turbo Meter anywhere with you.

Manual Turbo Meter 271 (FR)

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Manual Turbo Meter (ES)

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Manual Turbo Meter (EN)

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Wind speed
Units of measurement
knots, FPM, m/s, mph
0.1 m/s ; 0.1 mph ; 0.1 kts
+- 3% or* +- 0.1 m/s ; +- 3% or* +- 0.1 mph ; + 4%, - 2% or* +- 0.1 kts
Measuring range
0 - 44.8 m/s ; 0 - 99 mph ; 0 - 87.9 kts
Power supply
AAA 1.5 Volt alkaline batteries (3 batteries required)
29.5 mm x 66 mm x 118 mm
85 g
Power supply autonomy
7 hours, typically (intermittent use)
Operating temperature
0 to 50°C